Pediatric Dentistry

Fissure sealants of emerging first and second molars are a modern approach to early protection against tooth decay.

In children, the risk of caries is great, because it lacks function during the attack and therefore pathogenic bacteria in the plaque is not cleaned enough. This is the period from 12 to 18 months after the breach of the tooth. Bacteria easily keep in occlusal fissures (wells tooth) puncturing molars. Enamel is still immature and easily susceptible to acid attack. Even a small amount of pathogens can quickly cause demineralization (breakdown) of the enamel.

Good dental practice means protection drilling molars as you can in advance. Very often up those teeth chewing surface is affected by tooth decay before they have fully penetrated into the oral cavity. In our practice we use glass - ionomer surface protector Fuji TRIAGE (pink or white) capsules in the Japanese company GC - world leader in glass - ionomers. It has a six-fold higher level of fluoride release than any other material. Cover wells, fissures and tooth surface, protecting them from acids and bacteria as not to block the passage of calcium and phosphorus ions. Reacting to these fluoride ions help remineralisation (completion) of the enamel of children's teeth.