Dr. Pamen Hadjiev

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In dental clinics "Hadjiev Dent" we offer a complete treatment using the most modern methods and technologies in dentistry Medicine.

Our specialists work together in a team to solve each clinical case and that is at the heart of diagnosis and implementation of optimal treatment. Any dental service is a guarantee of long term success in accordance to the World Health Organization standards. We guarantee that all of our medical interventions are painless.

Our main goal is to help in the most proper, painless and economically manner to our patients. The biggest reward for us are healthy and satisfied patients who recommended us to their friends.

Dr. Plamen Hadjiev

One of the veterans in the Bulgarian Dental Implantology. Graduated Sofia Medical University, Faculty of Dental Medicine in 1998.

He has many specializations in the field of dental implantology, including Zurich, Frankfurt, San Francisco. Also, he has trained colleagues - beginners in the area. Dr. Hadjiev has certificates to work with over 20 systems for implantation.

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The biggest advantage of the clinics "Hadjiev Dent" is our team of highly qualified specialists from all areas of dentistry.

Dr. Plamen Hadjiev

Dental Surgery, Dental Implantology

Dr. Violeta Markova

Prosthetic Dentistry

Dr. Denitza Georgieva

Orthodontic dentistry

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