If the appearance of your teeth bothers you, orthodontic treatment is a wonderful and healthy way to get your dream smile. Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with improving the position, function and health of the teeth and jaws. Arrangement of the teeth is done with orthodontic appliances (removable child "rails", braces, Invisalign etc.) Who exercise light forces on the teeth to direct them to the desired position).

Properly aligned teeth and correct bite are important to each of us. Clustering and oblique teeth are hard to clean and maintain. This could facilitate the emergence of multiple caries and gum diseases that lead to early loss of teeth.

Orthodontic problems contribute to faster wear of the teeth, inefficient chewing food and too much load on the gums and the underlying bone. For most people, the most obvious benefits of orthodontic treatment is the beautiful smile which is a source of grater self-esteem. We do not just organize your teeth and place them we strive to achieve the most attractive appearance of the face.

Today orthodontic treatment is more comfortable, discreet and faster than ever and enables children and adults to acquire beautiful and healthy smile.