Aesthetic Dentistry

Facets (Veneers), crowns and bridges, implants, removable dentures

Facets are transparent or translucent reconstructions /plates/ where there is minimal / friendly / tooth grinding combined with excellent cosmetic effect.
This is used in the following cases:

  • in the restoration of teeth whose color has changed /tetracycline staining, dental fluorosis, old obturation/
  • in impaired shape and size /fractures and micro or makrodontiya/
  • improper disposal of the tooth row and for adjusting the distance between teeth /diastemas, spacing/

Crowns are used for severely damaged teeth restoring the normal form and function of the tooth, as it protects the tooth against fracture and subsequent extraction. There are:

  • depending on the kind of material from which they are made: metal, cermet, all-ceramic, plastic. Metal crowns can be made of precious metals such as /gold, platinum/ or semi-precious alloys. In the metal-ceramic crowns the metal base is coated with ceramic, in which there is a combination of the strength of the metal base with the aesthetics of the ceramic. For the ceramic crowns can be used only ceramics or a combination of ceramic with zirconium scaffolding to achieve perfect aesthetics. Plastic crowns are used for the temporary restoration of the tooth and the gum till the preparation of a permanent structure.
  • according to the type of thinning (grinding) of the teeth: with threshold or without threshold /tangentially/. For the corresponding filing tooth the dentist analyzes the defect and the location of the tooth in the dentition and its periodontal condition.

In the absence of one or more teeth, or any tooth restoration of the tooth row, occurs via implants, bridges, partial or complete denture.

The implants are made of biocompatible material and are placed directly in the jaw. This avoids grinding of healthy teeth and atrophy (melting) of the bone, which leads to a cosmetic problem when the defect is in the visible part of the smile (for more information - "surgery").

Bridges are non-removable shell construction in which two or more teeth are thinned as missing teeth are replaced with artificial ones. Most of the time the artificial teeth are fixed to two supporting teeth between which bridge body is placed. Depending on the material used for the construction, bridges and crowns can be:

  • All-metal
  • Cermet
  • Made from zirconium and ceramics

Partial or complete dentures are used when treatment with implants or bridges is not possible. The Partial denture is a structure which is fastened for the remaining teeth by hooks or other mechanisms and after eating it is removed and cleaned. A plastic basis is most frequently used for a base on which plastic or ceramic teeth are positioned. Complete prostheses are used in the case of total edentulism.