The health of the gums and bone around the teeth is very important and depends mostly on daily prophylactic, which the patient performs. For this reason, each of our patient (except when coming up with pain) we conducted a special one-hour course. The aim of this course is to teach the patient how to prevent disease in the oral cavity - caries, periodontitis (gum disease), precancerous conditions and their complications. This one-hour is very important for us and our patients because it provides greater endurance of fillings (sealants) and prosthetic (facets, crowns, bridges, removable dentures) that we produce. Durability of results and painless procedures during our work is our pride. Within this visit, our specialists clean tartar, plaque accretion and polish teeth. Thus, the patient receives a fresh breath and even after that first visit, before beginning the actual treatment the patient’s teeth are whiter. The cleaning of tartar and plaque facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases.